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Isla Coiba National Marine Park

Walk the soft sand of isolated island beaches. Snorkel the clear waters to see the abundance of marine life.


Coiba National Park's isolated island beaches and spectacular variety of marine life provides a unique experience in the Pacific of the Americas.

During your day trip excursion you'll visit isolated island beaches and see the spectacular variety of marine life that provides a unique experience that you won't see in any other Central American country.

This world famous marine reserve is rated by National Geograohic as one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. The park comprises a group of 38 islands and the Pacific Ocean waters surrounding them. Teeming with marine life, the islands have been isolated for decades and is often referred to as The Galapagos of Panama.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the park sustains the uninterrupted evolution of marine species including whale and tiger sharks, sperm whales, sea turtles, angel rays and giant schools of fish. And some of the most spectacular beaches in the Pacific.

Your seaplane excursion arrives at your beach base for the day within an hour from Panama City. Typically  a day at Isla Coiba requires at least a two-days of travel with ten hours of driving, an overnight stay in Santa Catalina and four hours of open-water boat transport.

Our total VIP Luxury day trip excursion by seaplane enables you to experience the splendor of this area in the most relaxing way possible. And curated for your unique desires.



In 1919, Coiba Island was established as an offshore penal colony. It housed up to 3,000 political prisoners under former dictatorships. The last convict was released from the prison in 2005.

In 2005, Coiba National Park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its evolutionary significance and the inhabitance of at-risk species on the islands.

Coiba National Park is home to 760 species of fish, 33 shark species, and 20 species of whales and dolphins.

Because it was secluded as a prison, Coiba Island remained virtually untouched and undeveloped, allowing endemic species to evolve on the island, including the Coiba Island howler and Coiba Island agouti.

Coiba Island is surrounded by one of the largest coral reefs on Americas’ Pacific coast. The reefs act as refuge for species escaping the effects of El Niño. Coiba Island is part of the same underground mountain chain as the Galapagos Islands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring with me?

We suggest sunscreen, a hat and of course sunglasses. A long sleeve shirt for sun protection. Add a towell and you're all set. We'll provide a ziplock bag for your phone and camera. Bring your charging cable so you can take lots of videos and photos..

What do you provide?

We'll have plenty of water and other refreshments. Snacks and a spectacular lunch.  We'll ask you ahead for your size so that we can provide sanitized and sealed snorkel equipment.  And we'll also provide things like ziplock bags and a charging station for your phone and camera.

What if it rains?

If we get some rain showers typically they are not for too long. At our beach camp we'll have shelter and the boat for exploring and snorkeling has a cover.

What if there is an emergency?

Although you are remote, you are never isolated. We always have a means of satellite communications in case of emergencies.

Are there food options?

Before your excursion we'll contact you for any special dietary requirements or allergies. We can also provide kosher.

I have a lot more questions, how can I reach you to talk?

Send me your contact information HERE and I'll get back to as soon as I am able by whatever means or technology you tell me youlike to use. I even still have ICQ. We really like doing Zoom calls, as yes there is a real person here. For Spanish I have someone to help me.

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